Sports management is now transforming with the help of blockchain. With the GOPX blockchain sports agency, sport organizations and brands can now monitor big and small sponsorships easier and effectively. Aside from keeping track of the sponsorships, sport agencies can improve drug testing by collecting the athlete's drug testing data in all stages in a private blockchain network then track prescriptions and results with data encryption.

Another way GOPX Blockchain effectively affects sport is by using GOPX tokens to incentivise fans for sharing and liking social media contents and by taking part in games. Then fans can use their tokens to purchase merchandise and tickets.

The GOPX Celebrity Golf Tournament is a fun and entertaining event that features several professional and amateur golfers, as well as a host of celebrities. The tournament raises funds for the GOPX Charitable Foundation, which provides scholarships to students attending accredited trade schools or colleges across the nation. GOPX is providing scholarships worth $1,000,000 GOPX tokens to deserving students to help them reach their goal and have better opportunities in life.

The most popular way of using royalty funds is the payment musicians receive when their original songs are played on the radio or television, performed in concerts, bars and restaurants or when used in movies. Direct royalty funds is another way for artists to claim profit from their original songs, compositions or artworks. Royalties are earned when someone buys a copy of your song or performs it live. In some cases, royalties can be earned just by listening to music online. The amount you earn depends on how many people hear your music and how much they pay for it.

Game on Players Debit Card deducts the token directly from the investor's account when used or a payment is made. GOPX investors can use their Game on Players Debit Card to buy goods and services. Being built on the Ethereum Blockchain through smart contracts lets GOPX investors enjoy the privilege of its steady growth.

GOPX investors can rely on Game on Players Online Bank to keep their tokens secure and that allows them to manage and conduct financial transactions on the internet. GOPX prioritizes the safety of its investors from online fraudsters while offering a hassle free online banking experience.

GOPX continues to develop and find ways to better support and understand its investors' needs in terms of online banking. Game on Players Online Banking allows its investors to pay their bills, send money, and purchase online hassle free.

Game On Players Freemium Games lets you use GOPX Tokens to purchase in-app items to enjoy the gaming experience. Freemium games provide a great experience to both paying and non-paying players by actively improving the game. Build your ultimate team! Game On!

The GOPX Token is the leading edge of business-to-business (B2B) usage. As a stable coin, it has the ability to extend the government's ability to participate in the cryptocurrency market while being self-consuming.

With GOPX Government Payment Services Solution you can now pay your bills using GOPX token with exclusive online banking and debit card services. GOPX continues to help government agencies adapt to cryptocurrency while increasing transparency and accountability.

QuikTipz Cashless Tipping Solution is changing the way tips are collected, measured and managed in the hospitality and service industries. GOPX Token, in partnership with QuikTipz Cashless Tipping Solution, provides the hospitality industry with the ability to capture more revenue from tips. . This partnership with QuikTipz Cashless Tipping empowers and creates a network with several hard-hit industries like hospitality, gaming, music, travel, airlines, live sports, cruises and entertainment.

The GOPX token is a utility token that gives you access to many games, products and services. If you have them, you can use them to play poker and casino games, or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies at any time.

The GOPX platform supports players who want to play online poker games with real money. In addition, it's also designed for those who want to exchange their crypto tokens for cash by using our affiliate program.

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