What is the GOPX Exchange?

GOPX Token values its investors, goals, and humanitarian efforts. As Game on Players advances, it is important that exchanges observe the GOPX roadmap. The GOPX exchange is Beta tested and will be live on July 24th, 2022. Pre-March investors being able to withdraw on August 1st.

With the GOPX exchange, you can deposit, sell, buy options, and withdraw. GOPX withdrawal limit guidelines will be posted.

Aside from GOPX’s very own exchange we have also partnered with US bases exchanges and international exchanges like LaToken.

LAToken, a cryptocurrency asset exchange that has integrated its token LA as a payment option to 150 outlets, including vending machines, cafes and stores, according to a press release. The crypto token partnered with ivendPay, a PoS terminal supplier which enables crypto payments for merchants in Asia and the Middle East.

The GOPX Token has its own companies that you can deposit, sell, or buy more GOPX Tokens. The GOPX Token will be distributed among the following companies in the shipping, casinos, hotels, and any industry that receives tips. GOPX Token, in partnership with QuikTipz Cashless Tipping Solution provides the hospitality industry with 50% cash and 50% GOPX option.

For more details and information email us at info@thegopxtoken.com

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