The GOPX Scholarship Program

GOPX or Game On Players strives to give opportunity to community, family, and deserving individuals. One of the ways GOPX gives back is by providing opportunity through scholarships to deserving students to study in the University of their dreams.

The GOPX Token values its investors future and family. Anyone around the world can have the opportunity to study and have a better future with the GOPX scholarship.Through the efforts of GOPX founder, Alex Slocum and the GOPX team, we continue to find and provide ways for investors to enjoy their investments. GOPX aims to change the lives of every investors, their, family, and friends. As GOPX continues to progress and move forward, we continue to grow and spread the goodness, and amazing opportunity GOPX offers.

GOPX token, being deployed on Ethereum Blockchain through smart contracts guarantees steady growth to GOPX investors. Once the GOPX smart contract is on Ethereum Blockchain it cannot be changed but with GOPX Token, it can increase but cannot decrease below the blockchain smart contract.

GOPX scholarship supports deserving individuals by providing 8,000 scholarships to more than 200 Colleges. Helping deserving students reach their full potential and dreams; a stepping stone to adulthood to create a brighter future with the help of GOPX scholarship. GOPX Scholarship Colleges that are set to receive an endowment are; Howard University, Grambling University, Alabama A&M University, Bowie University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Lemoyne University.

No other cryptocurrency in the world offers the trifecta of benefits that the GOPX Token provides, thanks to its smart contracts, self-consuming nature, and its unprecedented B2B usage. Those looking to get into cryptocurrency, and thinking about the future of their financial wellness - including recent graduates, finally have an option that feels safe and profitable.

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