The GOPX Token: The Evolution in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has changed lives since 2009. Cryptocurrency does not only let people invest, trade, buy, and sell, it is also a digital currency that lets you pay by using encryption algorithms. Through the years cryptocurrency has improved by solving some loopholes yet there are more to discover and improve.

GOPX Token is the first Patent Pending Cryptocurrency Token. Being the FIRST with this trifecta of disruptive technology allowed GOPX to apply for a tech patent.

  • First Patent Pending Cryptocurrency Token
  • First Self-Consuming & Stable-Growth Cryptocurrency
  • First B2B Usable Cryptocurrency

GOPX Token was founded by Alex Slocum with the intention of creating a token that will change an investor’s life and be an evolution in cryptocurrency. The GOPX Token is anevolution in cryptocurrency being both stable and self consuming.

It’s stable with the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain and self-consuming by being the token used in many businesses including our own Game On Players freemium sports games, online gaming sites and online events.

Game On Players Freemium Games lets you use GOPX to purchase in-app items to improve game experience. Freemium games provide great experience to both paying and non paying players by actively improving the game. Freemium games lets players download and play the game with no cost while also offering in-app purchases options for greater game experience. With Game on Players freemium games you can customize, enjoy extra contents or gain access to exclusive given experience.

The GOPX Token has its own companies that the GOPX Token will be distributed including in the shipping, casinos, hotels, and any industry that receives tips. GOPX Token, in partnership with QuikTipz Cashless Tipping Solution provides the hospitality industry with 50% cash and 50% GOPX option.

This partnership with QuikTipz Cashless Tipping empowers and creates a network with several hard-hit industries like hospitality, gaming, music, travel, airlines, live sports, cruises and entertainment.

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