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What is The GOPX Token?

The GOPX Token was created to be used as a currency that has stability. It has preset minimum values, derived from liquidity in addition to its own supply and demand. GOPX is the first patent-pending Blockchain Eco Currency.

GOPX tokens have a smart contract with the Ethereum blockchain that is coded to automatically set a specific value for the token on a specific date. The GOPX Token is the evolution in cryptocurrency by having consumption point companies in the Fusion Economy Ecosystem.

The GOPX Token will be utilized in shipping, casinos, hotels, and any industry that receives gratuity with our QuikTipz cashless tipping system. Tips go directly to the recipient, 50% of the fees charged from each transaction go back into the GOPX Token liquidity pool.

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GOPX Token Rewards Program

Realize the full value of customer loyalty programs with the GOPX Token Rewards Program. Any organization can take note of the gained efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced brand loyalty that this powerful technology can provide.

What is the blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions maintained by a network of computers in a way that makes it difficult to hack or alter. The technology offers a secure way for individuals to deal directly with each other, without an intermediary like a government, bank or other third party.

Game On Players presents The GOPX Token

The GOPX Token is an evolution in cryptocurrency being both stable and self-consuming . Stable with the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain and self-consuming by being the token used in many businesses including our own Game On Players freemium sports games and online gaming sites.

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Discover The GOPX Token and become a currency holder and owner of the GOPX Fusion Eco Currency™ Blockchain Community.

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GOPX Megaverse Consumption Points

The possibilities are beyond your imagination

The GOPX Megaverse is a Metaverse of our Fusion Eco-system of Business and Customers who have token ownership and become a part of the Blockchain where there is no central authority controlling their income or future. Our Eco system Companies in our Megaverse contribute:

  • Shared Value
  • Trusted Value
  • Shared Technology
  • Roadmap for creativity

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People-Powered New Age Blockchain Cryptocurrency

The GOPX Eco Currency is the first patent-pending Blockchain Eco Currency. GOPX has created a self-sustaining ecosystem which fuels growth. The ecosystem includes a variety of businesses, also known as consumption points.

GOPX tokens provide a seamless protocol for these consumption points, to help improve efficiency and reduce costs. It's a FREE Ecosystem for businesses that offers several key benefits.

GOPX Eco Currency is designed to be used in everyday life by every type of business dealing in products and services.

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Powered by our own Token Rewards Engine, the platform handles all the work for you, we’ve made it easy and affordable to reward your customers with tokens. Once enrolled you’ll get your Token Rewards Page where you can set up your discounts per sale and the system will do the rest. You’ll send a percentage of each sale to the Token Rewards Customer Account and the Rewards Engine will convert it into GOPX Tokens and credit it to your customers. For every $1 in GOPX Token Rewards paid to your customer, you increase their token balance, and generate revenue for your business.

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